About the Producer


Growing up along the banks of the Hudson River in upstate New York (Stony Point) Producer Vin Tabone has always been drawn to the Hudson River and Hudson River Valley.  As a young boy he spent much of his time exploring, on foot, the streams, tributaries, and rolling hills that make their way down to the mighty Hudson.  As an adult he continued journeying up the river to Bear Mountain, then to West Point, and then all the way up to Catskill, NY and the town of Hudson NY where he visited his uncle's home for some 40 odd years.  The river is still an important part of his life, as is the beauty of the Hudson River Valley and the rugged nature that consumes it.  This is Vin's first documentary.  Prior to "Artistic Pioneers" Vin Tabone was the Director of Licensing, Right & Clearances for Sony Music Entertainment in New York.  It is fitting that after many years in the hectic corporate concrete world that his focus has returned to explore with wondrous amazement something that's been near and dear to his heart all his life - the Hudson River Valley, its mountains, its streams, the moving landscapes, and the artists who loved the picturesque area as much as he does - The Hudson River School painters!  Part 1 of this documentary, "Artistic Pioneers" covers the early history of the Hudson River School and its founders Thomas Cole and Asher Durand. Part 2 "Cultivating a Tradition" tells the story of the second generation of Hudson River School artists and their colorful contribution to the Luminist movement...and then, coming soon: Part 3 - which will document the artists inquisitive spirit as they traverse the globe in search of inspiration and enlightenment. We will jump on a steam ship and head South to the tropical jungles of South America with Martin Johnson Heade, then head due North to the frozen Arctic with Frederic Church, then explore the romantic antiquity of Rome with Thomas Cole and Jasper Cropsey, we'll even examine the ruins of ancient Greece and then paddle down the mysterious Nile with Sanford Gifford to the Egyptian land of Pharaohs and Kings!  Stay tuned!